Want to Join the Ranks of the Successful? Don’t be Afraid to Fail

If you were to assemble a group of the most successful people in the world, sit them down, and ask what their secret to success is, you might well be surprised at what you hear. Sure, there will be some that say intelligence and a high level of business savvy are what got them where they are today, but I can also wager that a good number of them will talk about persistence and the will to go on when everything seems to be falling apart. You see, those that are the most successful tend to have a resume that includes a few failures along the way.

The reality of it all is that most of us simply don’t do that well when presented with failure. It takes some real courage to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on to what might potentially be the next big thing. It is something that has to be done, though, if you want to be successful at some point in your life. There really is no shame in trying and failing, yet many people will simply never take their shot. They might have a great idea for a business, service, or product, but the prospect of potentially failing will keep them from moving forward.

Just imagine where we would be right now if everyone gave up at the first sign of failure. Chances are we’d be living in the caveman days, looking at a pile of sticks and hoping they will somehow generate heat without being touched. Alright, so that may be a little extreme, but if you look back at every major advancement made since the dawn of mankind, you will see that there were many failed attempts made in getting that next big thing to be “just right.” You may very well be on the brink of that next big thing, but you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Too many people talk a big game, yet never take the actions required to bring their dreams to fruition. The end up being a constant cycle of planning, tweaking, scrapping the idea and heading back to the drawing board. For many, the feeling is that there is no real point in moving forward until all the ducks and lined up in a row and everything looks picture perfect. The harsh reality is that the likelihood of that ever happening is pretty much zero. Think of it as being like meeting your dream partner. We all have an idea of what the perfect spouse would look like and how they would behave, but that person does not really exist.

You are forced to try different partners until you find the person that fits the mole, although they seldom come close to what that dream person was in your mind. The funny thing is, that person you imagined quickly disappears when you find the person you are meant to be with through trial and error.

If that last little blurb makes you look at your partner and feel a little inspired, then let’s move on to how you can do the same type of thing with your online business. You should already know what it is you would like to sell online, so it then simply becomes a matter of how to get it out there and seen by the general public. The most obvious way is to a website, which is where many people fall flat, right at the first hurdle. Yes, you want to have a professional looking site that will help you sell and build your brand, but constantly making little tweaks to the design without ever actually uploading it will not help you achieve either.

As long as the site is easy to navigate, is optimized for the search engines, and has content that is relevant to the people that will visit, you are already onto a winner. Get your site professionally done and get it on the internet. If you find that customers have the same complaints about the layout or design, then make the changes. Not only will this help you end up with a site that is damn near perfect, but it will also give your customers the idea that you are listening to them, which helps build that all-important trust.

The same rules apply in marketing your site and product. There is a myriad of different ways to do that, some of which will work, while others will fail miserably. Don’t get caught up in the failures, but instead focus your attention on the positive aspects, always the positive. You have to learn to jump in and get started so that you can roll with the punches as they come your way. If you can deflect those larger blows and counter with one of your own, your business will grow and your chances of failing will fall further and further behind in the rear-view mirror. If failure does win, and there is every chance it might, despite your best efforts, you can at least know that you tried. That should be more than enough to make you want to try again and again until you do succeed. Preparation is always a good idea, but there will always be things that come up that you never expected. Accept that! Your business is like your baby, which is actually a good analogy for what we are talking about here. When you are expecting a child, you will get the nursery ready, go to all the classes about raising babies, and read all you can about parenthood. That’s great planning, but eventually, that baby is going to come and you are going to run into things that you or those books never saw coming. What do you do then? Do you try and find someone else to look after the baby or do you figure it out and move on to the next challenge? That is a question that should be easy to answer, so do the same thing with your business.

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