The Right Time to Start Your Own Business is … Now.

Pursuing my lifelong entrepreneur goals, I’ve gained a considerable amount of knowledge on the idea of entrepreneurship and business growth alike. I’ve often been asked the age-old question “When is the best time to start my own business”? You’d be surprised how often this question comes up.To some people, the answer is abundantly clear while for others, this is a valid question. Generally speaking, I like to answer this question with a quote:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

– Chinese Proverb

Simply put, the best time to take the plunge is now. Realistically, the best time would have been 20 years ago, but the second-best time is now. No matter what your goals are (affiliate marketing, consulting, Product creation, freelancing, etc.) It’s important that you stop procrastinating and start taking action now. One small step forward is better than no steps forward at all.

Taking the plunge into your entrepreneur career can be extremely scary and nerve-racking. There is uncertainty, irrational fears, and aggressive competitors to worry about and compete with. However, if you keep pushing off your entrepreneur goals, you’ll likely never start your journey.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of people who consistently think about entrepreneurship but do not dive into it because they are waiting for the perfect time. Even though I do feel that the best time to start a business is now, there are many people who feel like they have too many things going on in their lives. In order to help you find the “perfect time”, we’ve created a list of the best triggers that hint that you’re ready to start your entrepreneurial journey!

You’re in the most favorable position to start a business when:

  • You’re laid off. You can use your Severance to start and fund your dream business
  • The Economy shifts to be in your favor
  • You crave growing a business & paving your own path
  • You believe that you can turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality
  • Your office is where you want it to be
  • You’re looking to completely do something new and sick of your current position

Simply put, the best time to start any type of business (online, offline, affiliate marketing, product creation, freelancing, consulting, etc.) is now. If you’re reading this article, you’re likely more than ready to start your entrepreneurial journey but are making excuses. Stop holding yourself and start your journey today! You can thank me later!

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