The 7 Essential Steps Required To Create A Great Digital Product

There are literally thousands of ways to make money online, but perhaps the most satisfying come from selling a product that you have made from scratch. This is something that not everyone thinks of, usually because they don’t feel that they have the skills or talent to produce something that other people would want to buy. You might actually be surprised at how easy it is to do, especially if you know what people want.

People access the internet for all kinds of different reasons, but still the most popular of those is the search for information. It is for this reason that digital products, such as “How To” eBooks, have become such a hot ticket. There is a thirst for information that simply cannot be sated, and you can help quench that by delivering a digital product that fills a very specific need. Okay, so now that you know this method of making money, your next step is to actually put one together that might very well end up as a top seller. Let’s take a look at 7 simple steps that can help make that happen.

The 7 Essential Steps Required To Create A Great Digital Product - coffee, chocolates

Step 1
Choose a Topic – Your road to creating a great digital product starts here, and it may well be the most important step of all that we are going to talk about here. Too many people looking to make money online, opt for a topic that is popular, as opposed to one that they actually know something about. People will only fork over their money for a product if they believe that you, the author, know what you are talking about. That is impossible to do if you are blabbering on about a subject that is alien to you.

Step 2
Find a Problem to Solve – Once you have your chosen topic in place, the next step is to find something to talk about. For example, if you work in a specific industry, you are sure to have heard the same questions about a product or service being asked over and over again. That is a sign of a subject people are interested in, but which contains information that is not easy to find. Make a digital product about that subject and you are guaranteed an audience that is ready to buy. Another option you can use is to head over to sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora to get an idea of the types of things that people are asking about. Pick a few ideas in your chosen subject and start to think about how you can fill in the knowledge gaps for a large audience.

Step 3
Structure Your Product – Take a moment to look at how this particular piece has been laid out. You can clearly see that each step has been highlighted and that the subject of each step is in bold for easy reading. This makes it easy for the reader to quickly find exactly what they are looking for. Before you get to the meat of the subject matter in your digital product, take the time to lay it out a little. That means you should add headlines, sub-headings, and then start to think about bullet points contained within each part. The easier it is for the reader to get to what they need, the more likely they are to want to invest in your product.

Step 4
Create Killer Content – Creating the headings and sub-headings actually serve something of a dual purpose. We have already discussed how it makes the whole thing easier for the reader to navigate, but it also helps you stay on point and stop from wandering off on tangents that can end up being confusing. Even with great preparation, this is still something that may happen if you don’t have a ton of writing experience. Writing is harder than you think, as it often feels impossible to get the great thoughts and ideas into your head onto the paper or computer screen in a way that sounds just right. This is where a lot of people give up, often because they don’t realize that there are affordable writing options available to them.

If you are concerned that your writing skills are sub-par at best, you should consider hiring a ghostwriter to put together your digital product. Yes, most of you already see huge dollar signs in the shape of STOP signs at this point, but hiring a writer is actually pretty affordable. Freelancers are all over the place, just waiting for your business. One of the best, as well as more affordable, places to find them is at micro gig sites like Fiverr. These types of sites have writers, designers, voice talent, and much, much more, and all at prices that anyone can afford. You should have no problem finding a writer who will be willing to take on your project and work within the parameters you give them. Since freelancers rely on positive feedback to get more work, you will usually find that they deliver quality content in a timely fashion.

Step 5
Give The Customer Options – Back in the day, someone who wanted to download information off the internet would be forced to fire up the printer and get what they wanted in paper format. We have come a long way in recent years, with all kinds of different mobile devices used to store and read books, magazines, and other digital content. When you create a product, you want to make it accessible to as many people as possible. You could play it safe and go with a standard PDF of HTML file, or you could make the product accessible to a wide number of people by putting it in formats that are compatible with Kindle, Nook, iPad, and as many other mobile devices that you can think of.

Step 6
Make it Look Great – You often hear people say that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but the harsh reality is that most people do just that. The content in your eBook may very well be a killer, but if you have a poor title combined with a cover that looks as though it was put together by a 5-year old, people are not going to want to go beyond that. The assumption will be that if you haven’t taken the time to present your product in the best way possible, you probably haven’t taken the time to make the content interesting. Once again, the creation of a cool cover is something that can be outsourced to a graphic designer on Fiverr.

Step 7
Fire Up The Marketing Machine – Once you have finished your eBook, you might get the idea that it’s time to kick back and relax. You are certainly free to do so, but how do you expect to make any money if no-one knows your product exists? It is time to start thinking about marketing your product, which can be done in a number of different ways. One of the easiest, not to mention more affordable, is to create a blog based on the niche that you wrote about. If you can build up a solid audience that is interested in what you have to say, it won’t be that difficult of a task to persuade them to purchase a book you have written on the subject.

You might also consider going to forums and other online gathering places to promote your book, always making sure that you do so in a way that is not considered spamming. Social media is also a great way to get the word out without having to spend a small fortune on marketing. The more people you can get talking about your product the better, which is why you might consider setting up a small affiliate program. You will basically end up with a group of folks out promoting your products, all of whom only get paid a portion of the sales that they make. It’s a win/win scenario for all involved.

In Conclusion

As you can clearly see, there really is not anything that complicated about putting together your first digital product. Before you get started, though, you might want to take a little look online and see what similar products look like, taking into account the elements that make them are either appealing or off-putting. Try to incorporate those positive elements into your own work, although it should go without saying that plagiarism and outright copying is not the way to go. Stick to a format that works, but do give it your own unique touch.

Creating a digital product is fun and comes with a real sense of satisfaction once the job is done. You don’t have to sell a million copies to feel as though you have achieved something great, and I can almost guarantee that you will want to repeat the process over and over again. You can only do that once you have finished your first one, so why are you still here reading this? Go now and get started on your own project!

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