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The 5 Most Common Mistakes People Make
When Hiring Virtual Assistant

ISSUE #21 details

What’s Inside?
How to be more approachable when working in public
and making the most of it when it finally does happen
3 Ways to feel better about yourself today
The one thing that pushes people to succeed
Why successful people like to talk about their failures
The 5 most common mistakes people make when
hiring Virtual Assistant (and how to avoid them)
Common branding mistakes that VAs make
Work as a Virtual Assistant: Insider tips
10 Top Virtual Assistant (VA) qualities that clients love
Content marketing: How process powers success
Content marketing tips for meaningful business results
How to communicate with your Virtual Assistant
6 Tips for borrowing startup funds from friends or family
How to go from PA to VA in 3 months
Why Building trust is key to managing conflict in Virtual teams.
Finding freedom: 5 need-to-know answers when considering a Virtual Assistant

Buying a Franchise, The Pros & Cons

ISSUE #20 details

What’s Inside?

  • Strategies Great Leaders For Long Term Success
  • How To Promote Every Piece Of Content You Create
  • Why You Should Wear Your Mistakes Proudly
  • 9 Secrets Of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Buying A Franchise: The Pros And Cons
  • How To Keep Your Social Media Marketing Strong
  • Use These 3 Analysis Tools To Prepare A Killer Business Plan
  • 7 Things To Consider Before Buying A Franchise: A Lawyer’s Perspective
Work – Life, Balance

ISSUE #18 details

What’s Inside?
Work Life Balance, 5 Ways To Turn It
6 Reasons Why We Can’t Give Up
What A Millionaire Farmer Taught Me About Money
The 3 Key Steps To Awesome Content Marketing That Works
9 Marketing Tasks To Do This Week To Promote Your Online Shop
Taking The Startup Plunge? Be Prepared For These Realities
Making The Most Of Your Business Budget
How To Recruit Employees For Your Startup
5 Tips For Using Pr To Grow Your Business
5 Reasons To Set Your Alarm Earlier
How To Organize Your Writing Workplace For Better Productivity

7 Steps To Set Your Life Goals

ISSUE #17 details

What’s Inside?

  • 5 Retail And E-commerce Trends That Will Perfect Your Business In 2016
  • How To Build Your Entrepreneurial Confidence
  • Long Live Email
  • Goal Setting: 7 Steps To Set Your Life
  • 7 Online Marketing Secrets From Successful Companies & Entrepreneur
  • How To Maintain A Professional Image When You Work From Home
  • Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Yet Entrepreneurship, Practical Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur
  • 8 Success Strategies
  • Why Throwing Yourself Into The Unknown Can Be The Best Thing You Can Do To Yourself
  • Celeb Snapshot: Johnny Depp
How To Take Control Of Your Business

ISSUE #16 details

What’s Inside?
Your Qualifications Do Not Matter, But Your Results Do
How To Use The Power Of ‘social Proof’ To Attract Customers
4 Easy Steps To Mindfulness
5 Things To Do To Improve Your Financial Situation Today
8 Question To Ask Before You Join Or Invest In A Startup
How To Take Control Of Your Business Even Though It Doesn’t Want You To
7 Tips On How To Choose A Business Partner
How To Quit Your Cushy Corporate Job To Start Your Own Business
How To Start A Small Business In A Few Hours
Time To Spring Clean Your Freelancing Business!
How Steve Jobs Knew What You Wanted
HBR: What To Do When Your Personal Growth Stalls
Write Your Way To Success
An Open Letter From A 65-year-old
Make Now Count: How To Live A Fun Life Full Of Possibilities
5 Almost Effortless Ways To Become A Morning Person

Want More Clients? Then Stop Marketing Right Now!

ISSUE #15 details

What’s Inside?

  • Why You Need To Become A Better Communicator
  • How Feeling Grateful Can Make You More Successful
  • Five Reasons To Ignore The Advice To Do What You Love
  • Want More Clients ? … Then Stop Marketing Right Now!
  • 6 Steps To Launch A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
  • 3 Ways To Stay Motivated To Lead Your Business
  • 10 Simple Ways To Increase Your Brain Power
  • 6 Design Tips For An Effective Home Office
  • 3 Reasons To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
  • 5 Marketing Tips From A New Generation Of Celebrity Entrepreneurs
  • 5 Marketing Strategies That Don’t Involve Social Media
  • The Top 10 Sales Hunting Skills
  • Small Business Tips: Quit The Day Job And Become An Entrepreneur
  • 6 Online Marketing Basics Every Entrepreneur Must Learn
  • 10 Simple Tips To Live Happy, Wild, And Free
Blogging For Money

ISSUE #14 details

What’s Inside?
Blogging For Money
12 Things I Learned From Starting 3 Six Figure Lifestyle Businesses
The Number One Tip For Online Marketing Success
9 Prime Rules For Running A Successful Online Business
9 Best Practices When Collecting And Displaying Product Review
How To Pick Advisors
The Entrepreneurs Guide To Healthy Eating: Top 10 Tips For 2015
How To Run Your Companys Online Ads As A One Person Team
How To Deal With Difficult Co-workers
The 10 Traits Of Extremely Successful People
How Successful People Start Their Day
Successful Entrepreneurs Exercise Good Health Habits
Why Every Entrepreneur Needs An Annual Vacation

Top 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting a BIZ

ISSUE #13 details

What’s Inside?

  • Three Ways To Better Engage And Attract Millennial Customers
  • Linkedin: Building A Solid Network
  • 10 Tips For Your Brand
  • What Can Entrepreneurs Learn From Apple Or Get About Money Management?
  • Want A Healthy And Fit Business? Follow These 5 Success Tips
  • How Much Does A Bad Employee Really Cost?
  • The Top 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start A Biz
  • Are You A Small Businesses? 5 Power Tips To Effectively Brand Yourself…
  • [Quick Tips Section] 5 Questions You Must Be Able To Answer To Skyrocket Your Sales
  • Marketing Tips: How To Create An Effective E-newsletter
  • Debunking A Myth: Why & How To Do Business With Friends
  • How To: Market Your Small Business With No Budget
  • 5 Tips For Navigating The Hard Times In Business And Life
  • 3 Reasons Why You Must Use Social Media Marketing In Your Business…
  • How To Become An Online Authority
3 Proven Reasons Why You Should
Present Your Service As a Product

ISSUE #12 details

What’s Inside?
4 Reasons Why You Are Still Stuck In Startup Phase
The 3 Crucial Steps To Getting Started On The Right Foundation
What Would You Create If Time Was No Object?
No More Talk … It Is Time To Get Into Business
5 Skills All Small Business Leaders Must Possess
Expert Advise: Manage Expectations So They Do Not Manage You Expectations
The 5 Crucial Things Your Small Business Marketing Cannot Afford To Miss
Are You A Professional?… 3 Proven Reasons Why You Should Present Your Service As A Product
Frustrating Feedback- How To Handle Negative Criticism In Your Business
6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Must Be Online
6 Success Limiting Excuses You Should Avoid
5 Proven Steps To Overcoming Your Fear Of Sales
Expert Tips Section The Dilemma – Striking A Client Acquisition – Retention Balance
5 Surefire Strategies To Supercharge Your Business Now!
Secrets To Writing Social Media Copy That Gets Noticed
5 Skills To Take You From Technician To Entrepreneur
[Straight Talk Section] Is Your Small Business Standing Out Or Fitting In?
How To Deliver A Marketing Message That Survives The Delete Button

Build Trust And Watch Your Profits Soar

ISSUE #11 details

What’s Inside?

  • Staffing For The Bootstrapping Entrepreneur: How And When To Hire
  • Expert Insight: The 4 Roadblocks To Avoid If You Want A Thriving Business That Rewards You With
  • Money For A Lifetime
  • Crucial Marketing Rules For … Second Career Entrepreneurs
  • Revealed: How To Reset Your Stress Button
  • Expert Tips For Streamlining Your Business
  • Are You Using Social Media Branding To Supercharge Your Business?
  • Build Trust And Watch Your Profits Soar
  • Self Made Millionaires Stories You Will Love
  • The Message Matters – Get It Right Or Do Not Bother Selling At All
  • Want Massive Readers At Your Blog ? Try These Content Strategies That Really Work …
  • Health Tips Section: Act Like An Entrepreneur …your Health Depends On It!
  • 11 Must-have Twitter Tips To Supercharge Your Small Businesses
  • Fast Tips: How To Get The Most Out Of Conferences.
  • Designing Your Business Model: Which One Is Best For Your Stage Of Business?
  • Insight Section: It Is Not Your Price That They Object To … It Is The Value They Do Not Like
  • Are Bad Habits… Impairing Your Business?
  • How To Effortlessly And Authentically Grow Your Business
  • Are You Speaking To Grow Your Business?
  • 8 Simple Digital Marketing Ideas For Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses
Connect Your Marketing DOTS In 9 Proven Steps

ISSUE #10 details

What’s Inside?
Do You Have The 7 Keys To An Awesome Brand?
Little Known Secrets To Making Your Business More Profitable, More Marketable + More Fun
Confessions: What It Is Really Like To Be An Entrepreneur And A Serious Traveler At The Same Time
Expert Tips: How To Avoid Burnout Fast !!!
The Crucial Step 91% Of Startups Miss!!! Segmenting Your Market And Focusing On Specific Targets
Want Real Success? Try The 4 Proven Ways You Must Know To Grow Your List
Connect Your Marketing Dots In 9 Simple, Proven Steps
Take Control- 4 Ways To Fire An Abusive Client
How You Can Start Your Next Business While Working A Full-time Job
What’s The Difference Between Sales And Marketing?
8 Tips To Make Sure Your Email Gets The Attention It Deserves
Revealed!!! How To Use Blog Posts To Generate Leads And New Clients
Quick Tips: 4 Proven Ways To Get Customers To Buy Right Away
What Is Your Email Brand?
Entrepreneurship: 7 Quick Steps To Find Out If You Have What It Takes
Is Your Business Scalable? Candid Answers From A Seasoned Professional
How To Write A Headline That Sells
Why Are Not You Using Instagram For Business?
Get Ready- Marketing Projects Are Looming

5 Ways To Increase Your Client And YourSelf

ISSUE #9 details

What’s Inside?

  • 7 Ways Attending Live Events Can Boost Your Business
  • Work Your Media Connections To Improve Your Public Relations
  • Marketing 101: The Customer Is Always Right
  • 5 Ways To Increase Your Value To Your Client – And Yourself!!
  • Appearance Counts, Especially For The Owner Of A Start-up
  • Successful Entrepreneurs Have Killer Mindsets – Here Is The 6 Attributes
  • 9 Questions To Get You Started When You Have Got An Idea For A Startup Business
  • The Worst Marketing Mistake You Never Made
  • Failing At Network Marketing? It Is Not Your Fault!
  • What Business Should I Open And How Do I Keep It Profitable For The First Five Years?
  • Avoid Wasting Time With So-called Hot Prospects
  • Is Information Holding Your Business Back From Real Success?
  • Are Entrepreneurs More Susceptible To Depression?
  • 10 Of The Hardest Things You Will Do In Life As A Young Business Professional
  • How To Make New Friends In Business
  • How To Change A Habit
  • Why? The Secret Question For Business Growth
  • How To Evaluate Your Startups Business Model
  • Buy A Business Instead Of Starting One
Why Saying “No” Could Be Your Best Sale

ISSUE #8 details

What’s Inside?
Should You Grow Your Freelance Business & Start Hiring Employees?
Are You Providing Space For The Experience?
Pay Up. Speak Up. Tell The Truth.
The Importance Of Online Reviews For Local Business
7 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail In Business
The Ideal Customer Experience: Why Saying No Could Be Your Best Sale
Creating A Culture Of Customer Service For Small Businesses
5 Entrepreneurial Tips To Find Winning Strategic Alliances
Why The Story Of Your Brand Is Important To Your Success
Traditional Marketing Versus Educational Direct Response Marketing
Are You Living Your Passion?
How Does Marketing Filter Into Business Valuation?
The Power Of Great Decision-making
Validating Your Startup Idea: Do Not Mess This Up
Top 6 Marketing Strategies For Online Retailers
More Customers, More Often – 7 Tips To Get It Done
Personal Branding For Success In 8 Simple Steps
5 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Small Business Website
The Single Most Important Business Plan You Will Ever Need: The Exit Plan

What are You Really Doing With Your Marketing Dollars?

ISSUE #7 details

What’s Inside?

  • How To Land Your First Client
  • 100 Quick Marketing Activities You Can Do Today
  • Six Social Media Myths That Are Limiting Your Company’s Success
  • Marketing Fails When You Shift Instead Of Elevate…
  • 8 Tips For Easing The Transition From Employee To Business Owner
  • Building A Great Brand Means Going The Extra Mile
  • How To Protect Your Business With Solid Terms And Conditions
  • How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media To Gain Pr Traction
  • Social Media #fail: You’re Spreading Yourself Too Thinly
  • Are You A Solopreneur? 3 Perks And 3 Downsides You Can Absolutely Combat
  • Entrepreneurship Begins With Demand
  • How Many Gauges Do You Watch In The Cockpit Of Your Business?
  • Is It A Good Or Bad Economy. Please Don’t Ask!
  • How To Figure Out If Entrepreneurship Is Right For You
  • 7 Twitter Secrets To Promote Your Small Business Website
  • “Seek Advice, But Use Your Own Common Sense.” – Yiddish Proverb
  • Why You Should Use Tumblr To Grow Your Business
  • 17 Surefire Steps To Be A Spectacular Failure
  • Expert Advice: 7 Proven Tips To Build A Great Network That Really Works!
  • Get More Business With These Internet Marketing Strategies.
Is Your Customer Buying Experience Digitally Enabled?

ISSUE #6 details

What’s Inside?
Expert Advise: 8 Proven Strategies For Entrepreneurial Success
Your Customers Are Your Most Valuable Assets
3 Habits You Must Develop For Business Success
Perspectives From A Global Business Entrepreneur… Cash Flow Tips For Small Businesses
Is Your Customer Buying Experience Digitally Enabled?
Tutors Make More Money Than Lawyers!
‘Old School’ Rules You Can Break… When Starting Up A Business
Stop Being Too Much To Too Many
10 Surefire Ways To Market Your Small Business On A Shoestring Budget
Expert Tips: What Is A Tagline And How To Write One That Enhances Your Brand
7 Things People Just Don’t Understand About Entrepreneurs
If You Already Know It All, Don’t Read This

If You Can’t Write Words That Sell, You Don’t Make Money

ISSUE #5 details

What’s Inside?

  • 5 Things You Absolutely Must Learn About Your Small Biz Clients
  • The 7 Most Crucial Steps To Increase Sales For Your Small Business
  • Expert Tips: If You Can’t Write Words That Sell… You Don’t Make Money
  • 6 Proven Ways To Increase Productivity When You Are Your Own Boss
  • 7 Ways To Grow Your Business With Referral Programs
  • The Best Places To Find Business Opportunities
  • A Field Guide To Genus Entrepreneurs
  • 3 Tips On Finding New Business For Women Entrepreneurs
  • Expert Advise: Worthwhile Investments For Personal And Business Growth
  • What Alberta’s Coal Mining History Can Teach Us About Business Today
  • Choosing A Business Name That Works
  • The Tragedy Of The Commons: Why Service Businesses Are Killing Themselves
Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online With Integrity

ISSUE #4 details

What’s Inside?

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online With Integrity
Answers To Common, Sensible Questions About Raising Money For Your Business
Waking From Sleep: Natural Spirituality For Entrepreneurs
The Traits Of A Successful Entrepreneur
Are You Focused On Money In Or Out?
6 Skills That Will Get You A Startup Marketing Job
How To Solve Business Problems — An Interesting Approach
Success Strategy For Small And Solo Operators: Partnering!
Tell Everyone About Your Business
Entrepreneurs Need Time Management
The One Thing CEOs Need To Learn From Apple — Harvard Business Review

5 Tips For Young Entrepreneurs

ISSUE #3 details

What’s Inside?

  • Message From The Editor
  • 5 Tips For Young Entrepreneurs
  • 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Keep Customers
  • Resolve To Have A Better Image In 2014
  • How Writing A Book Can Help Market Your Business
  • 20 Scientific Reasons To Start Meditating Today: New Research Shows Meditation Boosts Your Health, Happiness And Success!
  • How To Choose The Right Business Model For Your Start-up
  • What Is Customer Development?
  • Retailers: 7 Reasons Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working
  • How Blindly Following The Rules Will Eventually Kill Your Business
A Better Way To Discover Your Strengths

ISSUE #2 details

What’s Inside?
Message From The Editor
Why We Are Addicted To Checking Email… And How To Get Your Life Back
Where Is The Web Going?
6 Online Copywriting Tips For Increased Conversion Rate
Startup Diaries: The Challenges Of Being A Fashion Entrepreneur
A Better Way To Discover Your Strengths
The Psychology Of Scarcity
How To Build A Successful Business Blog
How To Work With A Website Designer
20 Scientific Reasons To Start Meditating Today

10 Surefire Exercise To Finding A Profitable Niche

ISSUE #1 details

What’s Inside?

  • Sticking To A Habit: The Definitive Guide
  • 6 Surefire Ways To Discover Your Niche
  • What If I Have Too Many Passions?
  • 10 Mindset Secrets Of Successful Online Businesses
  • The 7 Essential Steps Required To Create A Great Digital Product
  • The Money Life

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