How to Integrate Your Brand With Content Marketing

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners confess to not having their marketing act together. This makes their marketing harder that it need be. Thankfully, there is an easier way to market your business through integration to improve overall marketing results. When it comes to branding, integration is the key ingredient towards a successful marketing recipe, unfortunately, many marketers neglect integration.

What is Integration?

Integration is also known as marketing mix. It involves the combination of tools that are used to market your products and services. Integration involves the smart use of Products, Place, Price, and Promotion. Also known as the 4Ps!

Why is Integration Important?

We are living in a digital age where the internet has considerably changed the consumer’s behavior. The present day consumer is increasingly turning to the internet to search for products or services they want.
It goes without saying; the internet has brought a whole new dimension and new ingredient into the marketing mix. Businesses that find a way to integrate conventional advertising with online media are able to reach more people fast and more effectively.

For a business to maximize its results there is a need for consistent message throughout all communication channels. The aim of a marketing strategy in any business is to:

  • Attract great clients
  • Increasing sales and visibility

To achieve the above-mentioned, integrating your brand marketing strategies to create a consistent flow of communication to your clients. Use both traditional advertising and online media to propel your business.

Through integration, you will be able to get the right message to the right person at the right time using the right mix of marketing plans. It’s rather unfortunate that only a few marketers integrate their efforts, they fail to create a platform where they will communicate and effectively connect with their target audience and fail to create a consistent message that flows through numerous media platforms. Integration requires that you use your brand throughout the marketing material to help your business gain the recognition it deserves.

Attracting people online by embracing community content: When it comes to content strategy, refrain from creating the same old and normal blog created from an individual’s perspective of the brand. Shift gears and embrace new perspectives. Take time to study and walk in the shoes of others and from this action, you will be able to deliver insightful content that truly moves the needle of engagement for them.

Create an Internal Content Creation Community: Take it upon yourself to build content creation strategy that demands input from a variety of sources within the business or customer pool. Encourage staffs from various departments to share their insights, and empowering customer stories. In essence, you should give your content community appeal. It’s upon you to empower others and see them contributing and inspiring your content.

Create an external content creation community: With integration, you can contribute to external groups, forums, post, and many other platforms. Audiences online will more than likely engage with your brand outside your website. It’s upon you to target the right people through the exchange of ideas, opinions, and comments into your content. Create Original and Curated Content: Blend your original ideas with curated content derived from others on your website and externally on other web properties that are the quintessence of online engagement.

Create Multi-Dimensional Content: Texts and imagery play a huge role in many effective content marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, they miss an opportunity to stimulate audiences multiple senses.
Repurpose content into videos, podcasts, and webinars and see heads turning and connecting your brand with people. Multi-dimensional content arouses multiple senses. Their purpose is to bring down barriers and provides audiences with a new platform that they can feed off…

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