How to Create a Personal Brand for Beginners

When you say personal brand, what exactly does this mean for you? For some people, personal branding may mean a company’s logo, because it is the company’s identifier, for others, it can also be about the nature of the business and the personal message that they convey to other people. If you thought personal branding was all about the things that were mentioned above, then you are between right and wrong.

Okay, so let’s break it down. When you say personal branding, this means carrying yourself and projecting your own personal brand to other people, which means showing up to meetings on time, dressing to impress, and overall being the type of person that people just cannot get enough of, because you are really easy to get along with. Of course, personal branding doesn’t always have to be about outer appearance, but it will also be based on your personality as well. If you walk, talk and deliver your thoughts in a strong, unique kind of way, then chances are that you are already on your path to building a reputable personal brand.

Now you may be thinking, how will I be able to market myself the right way? How do I expose myself to other people without seeming like I’m hanging around because I want to seek attention? If you are already asking yourself these questions, don’t worry we will answer them for you, because in this article we will be discussing some of the different ways that you can build your personal brand effectively and in such a way that you get the response you want from other important business people that may be of benefit to your business:

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So first things first, let’s answer the first question of “how to get noticed?” the secret to this is pretty simple, be yourself. It’s as simple as that because the minute that you project somebody that you are not, automatically people will think that you are trying too hard to impress them, which will eventually lead to something else. Employers and business partners want to see confidence, uniqueness, and honesty. They will not remember you if you do not make an effort to get noticed in a subtle way. You have to make a connection, be somebody that they can get along with easily.

Of course you do not have to be all out for your attempts to impress other people, the best way that you can project a strong grasp of your personal brand, is to have confidence in the skills that you possess that you think will be of great benefit to those of whom you will be partnering with or will be working with in the future. Remember, part of personal branding means having a strong belief in what you are good at, and that means practicing what you preach. You won’t be able to sell anything if you don’t believe in the product that you are selling. The same goes with your personal brand. Have confidence in what you do, and you will see that everything will start falling into place.

How to market yourself effectively? 

Okay, now we go to the second question, which is “how do I market myself properly?” here are some tips on how you can do this the right way:

  • Be Visible – when we say visible, this means getting out of your office and talking to people. Of course, if you want people to notice you in order to gain success over your personal brand, you need to go out there and make a conscious effort for you to be visible to other people. This means attending meetings on time, attending industry conferences, and just about any activity in the office that will allow you to network and socialize with other people. Remember, the more visible and accessible you are, the more chances of you getting noticed, plus you also make yourself stronger and more appealing to other partners this way.
  • Use social media as a tool, not something that you should use to promote yourself – with this statement, we primarily mean that you shouldn’t use social media as a 100% way for you to market yourself. Don’t get us wrong, it is ok to put yourself out there occasionally, but focus on showing people the real you. If you come across a robot on social media that responds to messages promptly and automatically, then chances are that you can get turned off by the person or the product that you want. The same thing goes for your personal brand. People want to see and interact with a living and breathing person; therefore you should take the time to respond accordingly to those people who take a genuine interest in your skills and the products that you offer. This will not only put you in better success with your personal brand, but it will also mean that you gain people’s trust in return.

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