Growing Your Business Through Email Marketing

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to spread the word about a new business. Technology has brought about different marketing options such as social media marketing, yet email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of online marketing. Email marketing is the process of sending out electronic mail to promote business. With the right tools and strategies, email marketing can be a valuable addition to your Internet marketing plan.

Email Marketing: One Of The Best Ways To Get The Word Out About Your Business

There are many benefits that you, as an entrepreneur, can reap from a successful email marketing campaign. Email marketing lets you build your brand and reputation. When done properly and according to plan, it can benefit your business in many ways.

• Cost-effective marketing
Compared to traditional advertising, email marketing is a low-cost marketing and advertising method, letting you save money which you can use for other important aspects of your business.

• Targeted audiences
Customers who receive emails from your company are those who subscribe or opt-in because they are interested in your products and services.

• Focus on specific market segments
Email marketing allows you to send emails to people who match specific criteria so efforts are not wasted.

• Easy to manage
The great thing about email marketing is that it can be handled by one person with just a few hours each day.

• Call to action
By incorporating an effective call to action in your emails and newsletters to targeted customers, you can influence them to purchase your product or try your service.

Effective Email Marketing For Entrepreneurs
Email marketing strikes much as outdated and old-fashioned. The truth is, with the right content, tools, and strategies, email marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing methods. With email advertising, you will be able to move the conversation about your offerings to the customer’s inbox, making it more personal and customized. This direct line of communication can only be achieved through email marketing. In order to effectively run an email marketing campaign that drives excellent results for your business, you need to know the basic and practical tips that work and what you should avoid.

Find an email marketing tool that suits your needs
This is one of the technical aspects of email marketing that you should consider. There are numerous email marketing tools and software out there with their own unique features and benefits. Choosing an email marketing management tool will depend on your marketing needs. You will need an email marketing software such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Infusionsoft and SendinBlue and a separate email tracking and analytics tool such as AWeber, Litmus or Google Analytics to measure your progress and results.

When looking for email marketing applications, search and compare features to make sure it is easy to use aside from having the features you need. A clean interface makes navigation easier especially if you are new to email marketing. It should have email templates that you can customize with your logo, fonts, images, et cetera. It should also have an option to integrate social media networks in the template so that your audience and potential customers will find it easier to connect with your company.

Create valuable content for your customers
If your email sounds overly promotional, it may turn off your customers prompting them to delete your message, or worse, opt out of your mailing list. Ensure that your emails contain informative and valuable content that the customer will not find anywhere else. You can include special discounts, promotional material, seasonal greetings – however, it is best to avoid asking for a sale in every email you send out.

If you want to grow your business, you need to focus on building relationships. It is the common business knowledge that customers purchase and remain loyal to companies and brands that they trust. When a customer subscribes to your email newsletter, think of it as a customer letting you inside his home and asking you to stay for dinner. You should prepare email marketing content that not only focuses on selling something but providing something of value to customers that will also help gain their trust. A free gift or an incentive for signing up helps a customer get to know you better. Avoid discussing religion, politics, sexuality and other sensitive topics. Your goal is to earn the respect and trust of your customers, not to lecture them about anything. To create life-long customers, you should focus on what you can do for your customer and not the other way around. Today’s customer-centric market signifies that the customer is now in control and not the companies or businesses. In order to grow your company through email marketing, you need to gain your customer’s trust and allegiance by providing more value than what is expected from you.

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