Benefits Of Motivating Your Outsourced Offshore Team

Outsourcing is the practice of acquiring the services of skilled staff located in other countries. Back then, most outsourced services were limited to call center staff providing customer service and technical support to clients and customers. The outsourcing industry has evolved and now extends to other skilled staff and workers such as software developers and computer programmers, project managers and online marketers, graphic artists and accounting staff, writers, virtual assistants and much more.

Advantages of an offshore model

The advent of contract offshore work and outsourcing has changed the way businesses are done nowadays. Primarily, small businesses and entrepreneurs could not compete with large companies as bigger firms had the upper hand when it comes to capital and budget. The rise of outsourced employment has given startups and small businesses a competitive edge as they learn and begin to leverage the advantages of an offshore model.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses benefit immensely from outsourcing work. First of all, outsourcing helps control or cut back capital expenses. Large companies are often held back by high operating and overhead costs. On the other hand, outsourcing helps a small business owner save money on operating and maintenance expenses. Labor costs are also reduced when outsourced professionals and skilled staff are added to a company’s roster of employees.

Another reason many entrepreneurs and business owners delegate work to an offshore team is to save resources and improve productivity. This is because working with an offshore team makes it possible to have several skilled employees perform the necessary tasks in less time with no variable costs from utility bills and fixed cost from office space rent and equipment.

Offshore management may prevent some entrepreneurs and business owners from hiring outsourced employees as it may seem too risky and tedious managing a team from afar. The good news is that a reliable outsourcing company will take on the responsibility of handling the entire staff, and the business owner usually only discusses requirements and concerns with a key person from the offshore team. This benefits a business owner well by allowing him to focus on the core business and the more important tasks and priorities at hand.

Motivating an offshore team is possible

There is no doubt that business owners and even larger companies nowadays understand how outsourced work is crucial in increasing business productivity and saving on overall expenses. It allows businesses to gain a competitive edge in the market while maximizing the company’s profitability or income potential. It is important, however, to maintain a good relationship with the offshore team which will then result in the success of a company.

How does an employer keep offshore employees passionate and motivated to continuously perform at their best? Contrary to belief, technology is not the most important company asset, but human resources or its employees. It may be easy for an employer to make onshore workers feel valued, but is it possible to make outsourced employees feel that they are also an integral part of the company? Here are some of the ways an employer can motivate his offshore team to make them more productive and satisfied.

A bird’s eye view of business objectives

A company that provides a clear view of business objectives to its outsourced team promotes a sense of accountability. Outsourced professionals and skilled workers are able to align their own goals with the company’s own mission. It helps them understand that the success of the company they work for is a result of their hard work and quality performance.

Communicate project requirements clearly

It is not enough to just hand over the requirements of a project and expect an offshore team to perfectly implement it down to the very last detail. To avoid frustration, it is important to properly discuss the details of the project with the key person. Clear communication is essential to make sure both employer and employees are satisfied with the outcome of a project.

Respect is vital

Working with outsourced staff means that the business will be dealing with a culture that may be different from the company’s own. It is important for the company to know the culture of the outsourced team and vice versa. It is also inevitable that there are differences in time zones between the company’s headquarters and the outsourced firm’s location. It is alright to require the offshore team to work hours that are overlapping the company’s time zone to ensure proper collaboration and communication but it is best to avoid asking the outsourced staff to work too much odd hours.

Recognize achievements

Many companies hire outsourced employees not just to save on expenses but also to find the best staff with the most suitable knowledge and skills. Outsourced professionals, consultants, and workers can be motivated by recognizing their achievements and accomplishments or celebrating projects done well. Providing recognition when it is due fuels satisfaction among offshore employees. Motivating an offshore team is possible and will keep the employees productive and focused on the company’s goals. Passionate, positive and motivated outsourced staff indeed contribute to the company’s overall profitability and success.

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