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Content Creation And How to Create

Content Creation And How to Create

Creating content for your website is arguably the most important marketing technique to create long-term success. Creating new, interesting and informative content is an art, but one that can be done consistently if you know the basics. Essentially, content plays the most important role in fleshing out your blog or website. Content can take the form of a post, article, new…


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If you have a success story that could make a difference in the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs,

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We look for :

  • Real success stories, that would be inspiring to our readers to aim higher and go beyond their comfort zones.
  • 100% authentic content which is based on your personal experiences. We don't just want to feature success stories…..we also want to hear your challenges along the way. Failures are fine. Our readers can learn from that.
  • We prefer content that provides practical solutions and actionable steps.
    Content should be a maximum of 730 words. Longer ones are acceptable if proven to be of great value.
  • An impressive Bio in about 63 words. A clean and tight bio may qualify for inclusion in our daily tweets… a privilege that we only allocate to our magazine contributors.
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If you are an exceptional writer who would love to share your expertise, Talk to us…

We look for :

  • Writers who create quality articles that are educational and research based
  • 100% original, data-driven, comprehensive and interesting content that would help a person who is starting up a business
  • Content that is actionable and one that gives solutions to a problem
  • Timely-relevant content, especially those that relate to strategies, techniques, and tools
  • 820 – 1600 word count is preferable, longer ones might be accepted if proven to be of great value
  • An article that has not yet been published elsewhere
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