Who We Are

We are a marketing and media agency


Our Vision

Is to provide a platform

for small business owners to gain access to proven business & marketing practices.

We do this by

curating cutting edge strategies, implementations & ideas from the best thought leaders and business owners around the world.

We Help You

Surround yourself with

Real experts, adopt their habits, thoughts and mindsets


The details involved in how they really did it

Choose your mentors

Contact them and follow them at your own pace

Learn the big picture

Behind what works and what doesn’t

We Believe that

Everyone is unique

With various gifts and talents that can be nurtured

Every one of us

Can make a difference in the world

Given the right steps, effort and guidance

Any can experience the joy of owning a simple and profitable online business

There is a science to online success.

If you are a small business owner and would really like to push the envelop to create a breakthrough to the next level, then Stratisio Magazine is for you.

Every issue provides proven and trending insights that come from real people who have been through the trenches. Benefit immediately from insights, inspiration and ideas from industry experts around the world, to help you in your business journey.


Jeffrey De Laure

We're on a mission to helping entrepreneurs.

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