5 War Movies to Watch This Veteran’s Day

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The business of war films is generally a profitable one, just like the wars that inspired these films. Over 16 Oscar winners among the 89 proclaimed ever. Films set at the time of war are easily considered Oscar bait movies because of the notion that films that depict suffering and a depressing moment in history is bound to be taken seriously.

The appeal of these films does not end at the Oscars though. Whether or not the films are made to bag the prestigious honor in filmography, the effect memories of war have on us maintains to be the main drive why we choose to watch these films. This Monday will be Veteran’s Day, and whether you have a grandpa veteran in the family or not, we are all benefactors to the sacrifice and the courage from these war heroes.

If you’re playing to stay in and bring out your laptop or turn to your streaming sites on your Television, here are some of the war films we suggest you check out:

Saving Private Ryan

Steven Spielberg delivered one of his greatest works through this war picture. Saving Private Ryan continues to live and thrive among the best war movies (if not one of the best films itself). The battle sequences are creatively done, making anyone grip their seats with every blow. The orchestral score surfaces emotions an audience is not ready to experience but is too effective to stop yourself. The fight scenes may be audacious but the film revolves around a non-engaging mission which is to rescue a single American Soldier and bring him to safely back home. Gruesome, emotional and victorious. Just what you want in your war films.

Forrest Gump

This film is not so much the battles but a satire of the U.S. socio-political history with mentions of notable figures in history such as Elvis, President John Kennedy, and John Lennon. Forrest Gump is about a social underdog with an IQ of 75, who came to become so much more than what he realizes with a life of becoming a Ping-Pong Champion, a Veteran, a Philanthropist, and an influential figure. With Tom Hanks’ exceptional performance, this cheerful and sensational film is hard to leave out of this list.

Top Gun

Now, we’ll have to set our expectations when preparing to watch Top Gun for the simple reason that it for sure does not depict military accuracy. However, Top gun manages to bring high popularity with war films despite its emphasis on Air Force fighter jets that actually belonged to the U.S. Navy. We can still say, that Top Gun is no doubt hard to review due to its amazing scenes but accompanied by its relentless negative aspects. Why is it on the list? Top Gun delivers influence and charisma to a job that people are vehemently terrified of having.

Good Morning, Vietnam

Good Morning, Vietnam is one of the films where the iconic Robin Williams delivers his best known fast-talking performance. The film created a memorable and witty character that was vital in such a brutal profession. Robin Williams’ improvisation and the amazing engineering of sequences make up a great combination of comedy and seriousness. Good Morning, Vietnam is telling the humor and irony of war in the lens or in this case, the microphone of a radio disc jockey.

Hacksaw Ridge

The Biographical film portrays a powerful message that not all fighters fight. Some of them heal, some of them protect another, some of them rescues another. The movie leans on having faith in Jesus Christ and trusting his purpose for you in this world. Perhaps the most recent film from our roster may lack the following as compared to Forrest Gump or Saving Private Ryan, Hacksaw Ridge did not fail to be a powerful drama depicting the courage of our soldiers and the vulnerable aspect of any soldier during war. It wants you to learn the value of standing firm in your faith and beliefs even in an environment as rigid and controlled as the military.

Our commemorations for the lives and courage of our war heroes should not end though, in the mere 2 hours of these films. The world we live in is in debt to the war efforts and the is forever a reminder that life is a precious gift, and for this veterans day, we can only be more than thankful to the few men who have chosen to guard the integrity of it.

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