10 Start-up Productivity Killers And What to Do About Them

Just picture how much time you would end up saving if only you were a little more productive. Instead of going on about what you should do in order to keep your productivity in check, I will list just ten productivity killers and what you ought to do about them.

I. You Mind, the Greatest Productivity Killer above All Else

In retrospect, the human attention span is as little as ten minutes (Scientifically proven by the way). It is quite difficult for anyone to concentrate on something for a period of ten minutes nonstop. The big question however remains, how do people drive for a day at a time?

Even more disturbing is the fact that people who do this end up spending a lot of their time distracted. Well, science has confirmed that the mind only wanders just a little after ten minutes of non-stop concentration and fortunately most of us can recover from this.

In short, if you become aware that every hour your mind is going to find a variety of reasons for you to get distracted, all you need to do is learn how best you can control it. The best thing is to try and change topics or tasks every ten minutes.

II. Social Media Distraction

Many people often say that email and social media are their biggest distractions immediately they log online. Well thanks to fast evolving technology, there is now software that you can download and use them to hide notifications and not get distracted anymore.

However, the brutal truth remains to be, your brain becomes distracted and you constantly look for things that will service the distraction. Your work is to recognize the distraction and keep consciously focusing your energy on the task at hand and if you can desist from taking up further tasks until you are done doing that you are doing.

III. Tiredness another Productivity Killer

Unless you are an alien, you must by now figured out that tiredness is actually bad for your productivity. Take a nap for one or two hours and wake up rejuvenated and fresh to take up work and save your time during the day.
The time taken for the nap will help you wake up fresher than you would have been had you decided to continue working when you still felt tired.

IV. No Routine Zero Productivity

By lacking routine, you stand to lose your productivity. People are always productive if they follow a daily routine. Lack of routine sees a lot of individuals getting enough sleep one night and still remain to be unproductive the next day.
Set a routine and become subconsciously motivated and see your productivity triple!

V. Avoid addiction

Yes, addictions are subconscious and cause you more harm that you would think. When you are deep in your addiction you suffer from withdrawal feelings and you suddenly lack both the energy and attention span to do your work.
Find out what that is making you feel helpless and if you feel that you are trapped by the job you are doing find new ways to find happiness with it and regain your productivity.

VI. A Jack of All Trades

Yes, you are that happy individual who believes that by doing everything by yourself, you will be in a position to please everyone and do everything right. Wrong! Doing everything at go or doing half of this and half of that only leaves you less productive.
Ever heard of the word delegation? Now delegate and free your space to work on things that you will be productive more on.

VII. Control

Controlling others and following them on every step they take is not a productive move. Too much control leaves you less productive and your team less productive too. Give them time to do the task at hand and only supervise at intervals.
You will all become productive when you result to this step.

VIII. Disorganization

Being disorganized leaves makes you a less productive person. You spend more time looking for things than working. The organization is the best way to keep a productive lifestyle.

IX. Perfectionism

It’s good to try your best to become perfect, however, nobody or no business is perfect, the more you spend time being perfect, the more you remain unproductive. Aim ant being excellent and you will increase your productivity.

X. Gossip

Gossip is the number one productivity killer. The more you spend time gossiping your workmates or your boss, the less productive you are. So avoid gossip and use the time to catch up with your work.

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