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Incoming Questions

Do people need what I'm selling?

What do I need to know about the financial side of things?

Do I really need a business plan?

Do I have the right customers?

What is this crowdfunding all about?

Should my name be in my domain name?

I don't know what my real passion is... how do I know what business to start?

What are the most profitable niches to get into in 2020 and beyond ?

Why do they say "the money is in the list?"

How can I reinvent myself to remain relevant in the business world ?

Should I assign tasks to my virtual assistant daily ?

What is the best way to create an online course ? Where do I start first ?

How do I validate if my business idea will be profitable ?

How do I know which business 'guru' to follow ? Everyone claims to be an expert !

I keep buying other peoples courses endlessly. How do I go about to create my own course ?

There is so much to learn in online marketing. What's the most important skill I should learn first ?

Do I need to have a book to be an authority online ?

I feel like I am not an expert in anything. What is a good starting point for someone like me in making money online ?

Do I really need to be good on camera to be successful in an online business ?

Somebody is already doing the same kind of business idea I had.

Does that mean I should look into a different business idea altogether ?



Issue #21

  • How to be more approachable when working in public and making the most of it when it finally does happen
  • 3 ways to feel better about yourself today
  • The one thing that pushes people to succeed

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I love the interesting articles tailored to get me through my entrepreneurial journey, Five Stars!

Jeff Semanski

Oslo, Norway

Great job on a publication that stands out. Chock full of motivational and proven ideas ready for implementation. Keep up the good work.

Uwe Marquard

Munich, Germany

I own two successful businesses. Your article in Issue-16 saved me close to twenty thousand Canadian dollars in just one month. Thank you!

Joe Lavoise

Ontario, Canada

Great combination of Big-Picture and Deep-Dive content in one publication. Brilliant!

Denise Manning

Sydney, Australia

Got this mag for my brother last Christmas. He is now running his own small business. A big thank you to the publishers!

Millea Kim

Seoul, Korea

Always has something new to try. Love the content.

Fiona Dunn

London, UK

Best magazine for the money.

Thor Treggs

Dallas, USA

My favourite small business magazine.

Ravi Menon

Mumbai, India

Nice app with up-to-date information.

Gary Xi

Shanghai, China

Greatly inspiring and actionable content.

Corey Branson

Florida, USA
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